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Smoke Art

As a child, I used to say that I could see air. Sharing a bedroom with my brothers, I would describe seeing dancing, coloured dots in the darkness. They would evolve into shifting patterns of geometric shapes, I believed what I was seeing, another world that I was drawn to, I could zoom into the patterns, their never ending detail unravelling like a fractal universe. My fascination with this imagery has been the driving point behind these works. A solid form starts to appear out of the smoke, the design evolves with this structure, turning into recognisable features on which I expand. I see faces, arms, legs, structures and patterns, figurative and abstract. Baudrillard’s philosophical treatise, “Simulacres et Simulation”, states that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs and that human experience is a simulation of reality. Similarly the symbolic elements within the design stimulate the viewer’s own narrative that is woven within their unique interpretation, whether they see mosaics, the anatomy of a ball and socket joint, the face of Shiva or a microscopic view of a virus.